Tail Gate Stopper

About this product

The Tail Gate Stopper (#66183-0C010), a critical body part in the Rear Body Floor & Fender system of Toyota vehicles, plays an essential role in ensuring the safe and secure operation of the tailgate. As its name suggests, this part functions to effectively arrest the tailgate's movement, preventing it from slamming shut or swinging open unexpectedly. This relies on a spring-loaded mechanism that absorbs shock and maintains tension. Like any mechanical component, the Tail Gate Stopper (#66183-0C010) is subject to wear and tear over time, necessitating its replacement. Ignoring this can lead to a compromised tailgate function, posing risks to both vehicle and user safety. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended for replacement, as they offer optimal compatibility with your vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In its operational state, the Tail Gate Stopper (#66183-0C010) significantly contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle, controlling the tailgate's motion and ensuring its seamless operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 66183-0C010

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