Back Door Lock Striker

About this product

The Toyota Back Door Lock Striker (#69431-12030), a crucial part of the Back Door Lock & Handle system, serves as the latching point for the back door lock mechanism. As the door closes, the lock catch engages with the striker, keeping the door securely closed. Genuine Toyota parts like this one are designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. With time and usage, the striker may wear out or become misaligned. This could lead to a door not closing properly, or in severe cases, the door could open unexpectedly while the vehicle is in use, posing a significant safety risk. Replacements should be done periodically to prevent these issues. The Back Door Lock Striker (#69431-12030) significantly contributes to the safe operation of your Toyota, ensuring the back door remains securely locked, enhancing both the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69431-12030

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