Quarter Stripe Lower Right Hand

About this product

The Quarter Stripe Lower Right Hand (#75998-0R010), a crucial body part within the Side Member system, aids in enhancing the visual aesthetics and aerodynamics of Toyota vehicles. This part, fabricated with precision, aligns seamlessly with the vehicle body, offering a streamlined look while minimizing air resistance during motion. The Quarter Stripe Lower Right Hand (#75998-0R010), like every genuine Toyota part, articulates with the vehicle body, backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. However, with time, the Quarter Stripe Lower Right Hand (#75998-0R010) may fade, chip, or get damaged due to exposure to the elements, compromising not only the vehicle's visual appeal but also its aerodynamic efficiency. Therefore, periodic replacement is recommended. In sum, a well-maintained Quarter Stripe Lower Right Hand (#75998-0R010) contributes significantly to a vehicle's aesthetics and aerodynamic performance, reinforcing the overall efficiency of the Side Member system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 75998-42041;75998-42040
Part Number 75998-0R010

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