Hex Lobular Stud

About this product

The Hex Lobular Stud (#90126-08007) is a vital part in the Engine-Fuel category, specifically in the Manifold system. Its primary function is to keep the manifold securely in place, thus allowing optimal distribution of air and fuel to the engine cylinders. This component, though small, is key in maintaining the correct air-fuel mixture, which is crucial for efficient engine function. Due to constant exposure to high temperatures and pressure, this stud is prone to wear and tear. An old or broken Hex Lobular Stud (#90126-08007) can lead to leakage, affecting the air-fuel ratio and compromising engine performance. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts, which are compatible with your vehicle and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is highly recommended. In summary, a functional Hex Lobular Stud (#90126-08007) contributes to the overall engine efficiency and safety by ensuring a steady and secure manifold connection.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90116-08346
Part Number 90126-08007

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