Cover Sub Plate

About this product

The Toyota Cover Sub Plate (#15135-15030), an integral component of the Engine-Fuel category within the Engine Oil Pump system, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the system's optimal functioning. Serving as a protective shield, it maintains the necessary internal cleanliness by preventing contaminants from breaching into the system's major components. In the event of the Cover Sub Plate (#15135-15030) becoming old, clogged, or non-functional, it could compromise the system's efficiency, leading to potential engine damage. Therefore, this part requires periodic replacement, a process backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By using genuine Toyota parts, users benefit from assured compatibility with their vehicles. This essential part contributes significantly to the system's overall efficiency and safety by ensuring the smooth running and longevity of the engine.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 15135-15030

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