Frame Bumper Reinforcement Support Left Hand

About this product

The Frame Bumper Reinforcement Support Left Hand (#51144-60060), a key body part in the Frame system of your Toyota vehicle, primarily serves to bolster the vehicle's front or rear bumpers. It enhances the sturdiness of the bumper, acting as the first line of defense in collisions, absorbing and reducing the impact force to prevent serious damage to the vehicle's body. This component is made to last, but like all parts, its effectiveness diminishes over time. Should it become worn out or damaged, the vehicle's safety during collisions would be compromised as the impact force would directly hit the car's body. Authentic Toyota parts are recommended for optimal compatibility, and come with the assurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Overall, the Frame Bumper Reinforcement Support Left Hand (#51144-60060) is a fundamental safety feature that plays a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity of your Toyota vehicle during accidents. It not only helps protect the vehicle but also the occupants within.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51144-60060

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