Jack Carrier Support

About this product

The Jack Carrier Support (#58792-48020), a crucial auto part in the Deck Board & Deck Trim Cover system, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the structural integrity of your Toyota's body. It effectively holds the jack in place during transit, ensuring stability and preventing any potential damage from the jack moving around. This part, like others, can wear down over time and may need replacement to maintain optimal functionality. A worn-out Jack Carrier Support (#58792-48020) can lead to the jack becoming loose, potentially causing damage to the trunk area or the jack itself. By using genuine parts like the Jack Carrier Support (#58792-48020), you're not only ensuring perfect compatibility with your vehicle, but you're also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This pivotal part ultimately contributes to the safety and efficiency of your Toyota, ensuring your jack is secure and ready to use whenever necessary.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58792-48020

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