Luggage Compartment Door Hinge Support Left Hand

About this product

The Luggage Compartment Door Hinge Support Left Hand (#64512-02080), a key Body part in the Luggage Compartment Door & Lock system, is crucial for the proper functioning of your vehicle's trunk. This well-engineered component serves as the primary support and pivot point for the luggage compartment door, permitting it to swing open and closed smoothly while maintaining its alignment. When this part wears out or breaks, the door may not open or close properly, creating a potential hazard or inconvenience. Genuine Toyota parts, including the Luggage Compartment Door Hinge Support Left Hand (#64512-02080), are designed specifically for Toyota vehicles, offering compatibility and performance that other parts may not provide. Moreover, all Toyota genuine parts are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part's well-maintained state is essential for the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's Luggage Compartment Door & Lock system. A non-functional or failing hinge support could compromise the secure closure of your vehicle's trunk, directly impacting its safety and the protection of your belongings.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64512-02080

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