Glass Hatch Opener Switch Assembly

About this product

The Glass Hatch Opener Switch Assembly (#84840-0E020) is a key component in the Switch & Relay & Computer system of the vehicle, primarily serving as the actuating device for the glass hatch. This electrical part, when activated, initiates the mechanism that opens the glass hatch, making access to the cargo area easier and convenient. Genuine Toyota parts like this maintain vehicle compatibility and optimal operation. Over time, the Glass Hatch Opener Switch Assembly (#84840-0E020) may become worn, broken, or non-functional, impairing the ease of access to the cargo area and potentially posing a safety risk if the hatch cannot be opened in an emergency. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is crucial. With a genuine parts warranty, Toyota supports the upkeep and operation of your auto, promoting the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 84840-48010
Part Number 84840-0E020

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