Light Control Switch Assembly

About this product

The Light Control Switch Assembly (#84110-WAA02), an essential electrical part in the Switch & Relay & Computer system, plays a primary role in managing the vehicle's headlights and other related lighting components. Once activated, the assembly enables the driver to manually adjust the headlights' positioning, thereby affecting the illumination of the road ahead. Like all auto parts, the Light Control Switch Assembly (#84110-WAA02) can wear out over time, and if it becomes non-functional, the driver may lose control over the vehicle's lighting system. This could lead to visibility issues, impacting safety. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts, which are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is necessary for maintaining compatibility and optimal performance. In conclusion, the Light Control Switch Assembly (#84110-WAA02) significantly contributes to driving safety by ensuring proper functioning of the vehicle's headlight system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 84110-WAA02

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