Fuel Lid Opener Switch

About this product

The Fuel Lid Opener Switch (#84841-47020), a significant electrical component within the Switch & Relay & Computer system of a Toyota vehicle, plays a pivotal role in controlling the opening mechanism of the fuel lid. When activated, this switch sends a signal to the system which, in turn, releases the fuel lid for refuelling purposes. Over time, the switch may wear out or get damaged, affecting its function. In such cases, it's crucial to replace it with genuine Toyota parts for optimal vehicle compatibility. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these parts, ensuring excellent quality and durability. Failure to replace a faulty switch can lead to potential inconvenience and safety concerns during refueling. Therefore, a well-functioning Fuel Lid Opener Switch (#84841-47020) is necessary for maintaining the efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 84841-47020

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