Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch

About this product

The Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch (#89438-33010), a crucial component of the Toyota Drive-Chassis Vane Pump & Reservoir and the Electrical Electronic systems, plays a pivotal role in monitoring and regulating the power steering system's oil pressure. Through its function, it helps maintain optimal driving conditions while preserving the vehicle's safety and efficiency. Just like any other component, this switch can wear out over time, potentially causing issues with steering or engine performance. Thus, regular replacement is key. When you choose genuine Toyota parts for replacement, you not only ensure compatibility with your vehicle but also benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Neglecting to replace an old or damaged Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch (#89438-33010) can result in impaired steering, compromising the safety of your drive. Its maintenance contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of your car, making driving smoother and safer.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89438-33010

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