Washer Tank Assembly

About this product

The Washer Tank Assembly (#85315-33230), a critical component in the Windshield Washer system, plays a primary role in maintaining the visibility of your car. With the help of an electric pump, this assembly stores and dispenses the fluid that cleans your windshield. Authentic Toyota parts, such as the Washer Tank Assembly (#85315-33230), are made to fit your vehicle perfectly and are protected under Toyota's genuine part warranty. If the Washer Tank Assembly (#85315-33230) becomes old, clogged, or broken, it can impair your windshield's cleanliness, affecting your visibility while driving. Regular replacement of this part is crucial to prevent such risks. By ensuring the smooth operation of the Windshield Washer system, the Washer Tank Assembly (#85315-33230) significantly enhances the safety and efficiency of your vehicle, making each drive a worry-free experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85315-33230

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