Black Out Tape #3 Left Hand

About this product

The Black Out Tape #3 Left Hand (#75926-0D040) is a crucial Body part in the Side Member system of your Toyota vehicle. This robust tape's primary function is to cover and protect areas on your vehicle from scratches and weather damage, acting as an additional protective layer. Like all other parts, Black Out Tape #3 Left Hand (#75926-0D040) may wear out over time and consequently lose its adhesive quality and protective capability. A degraded or non-functional Black Out Tape #3 Left Hand (#75926-0D040) can expose your vehicle to potential scratches and weather damage that can affect the car's overall aesthetic and integrity. Installing genuine Black Out Tape #3 Left Hand (#75926-0D040) ensures compatibility with your vehicle and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing you with peace of mind. Its use contributes significantly to the maintenance of your vehicle's aesthetics and structural integrity for optimal operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75926-0D040

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