Rear Tcmc Brakepad Kit

About this product

A crucial Drive-Chassis part, the Rear Tcmc Brakepad Kit (#04466-AZ006) is a key component of the Rear Disc Brake Caliper & Dust Cover system. This kit provides the primary stopping power to your vehicle, creating friction against the rotor to halt your Toyota swiftly and safely. It is composed of brake pads that wear down over time due to this friction, needing periodic replacements. Failure to replace old or worn-down brake pads could lead to reduced braking efficiency, potentially leading to accidents. Genuine Toyota parts like these are designed for perfect fit and performance in your vehicle, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining optimal braking performance, the Rear Tcmc Brakepad Kit (#04466-AZ006) contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of your Toyota, working in harmony with other parts of the braking system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 04466-AZ006

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