V-Ribbed Belt Tensioner Assembly

About this product

The V-Ribbed Belt Tensioner Assembly (#16620-37030), an essential Engine-Fuel component in the Water Pump system, is responsible for maintaining correct belt tension. This allows the belt to transfer the engine's rotation to the water pump, alternator, and other auxiliary systems. If functioning correctly, it reduces belt slippage, ensuring optimal operation of these driven systems. Genuine Toyota parts, like the V-Ribbed Belt Tensioner Assembly (#16620-37030), not only provide optimal vehicle compatibility but are also covered by Toyota's reliable parts warranty. Periodic replacement of this part is critical as a worn, damaged, or non-functional tensioner can cause belt slippage or loss, leading to compromised performance of the water pump and other systems. Consequently, it may cause overheating and potential engine failure. By maintaining correct belt tension, this assembly ultimately contributes to the efficiency and safety of the entire system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 16620-37010;16620-37020;16620-37011
Part Number 16620-37030

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