Battery Negative Terminal

About this product

The Battery Negative Terminal (#90982-06032), an integral component of Toyota's Battery & Battery Cable system, plays a pivotal role in the electrical functions of a vehicle. It serves as the grounding point and directs current back to the battery after it has powered the vehicle components. Genuine Toyota parts, like the Battery Negative Terminal (#90982-06032), are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty and are known for their compatibility with specific vehicle models. Periodic replacement of the Battery Negative Terminal (#90982-06032) is necessary as over time, it can become corroded, leading to poor conductivity and inefficiencies in the electrical system. Plus, a damaged or non-functional terminal could lead to power failure, putting safety at risk. By maintaining the efficiency of the electrical system, this auto part contributes significantly to the overall vehicle performance and safety. Paired with the battery positive terminal, they form a vital part of the vehicle's power system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90982-06032

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