Timing Chain Tension Arm

About this product

The Timing Chain Tension Arm (#13591-WB001) is a critical component of Toyota's Camshaft & Valve system. This Engine-Fuel part maintains proper tension in the timing chain, ensuring the accurate coordination between the camshaft and crankshaft. This synchronization is essential for efficient engine operation. Genuine Toyota parts are crucial for proper vehicle compatibility, and our Timing Chain Tension Arm (#13591-WB001) is no exception. It's backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, supporting your vehicle's longevity and performance. As with all mechanical parts, the Timing Chain Tensure Arm doesn't last forever. As it ages or becomes worn, it can compromise the timing chain's tension, leading to erratic engine behavior. In extreme cases, it could cause mechanical damage to the engine. Replacing it as part of regular maintenance prevents such issues. In conclusion, a well-functioning Timing Chain Tension Arm (#13591-WB001) plays a critical role in engine efficiency, maintaining the precise timing necessary for optimal vehicle operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 13591-WB001

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