Door Control Transmitter

About this product

The Door Control Transmitter (#89742-02010), a critical component within Toyota's Lock Cylinder Set system, plays a primary role in managing vehicle access and security. This Body part enables remote locking and unlocking of car doors, and is intricately linked with the car's central locking system. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts ensures compatibility with your vehicle and the Door Control Transmitter (#89742-02010) is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As the transmitter ages, it may malfunction or fail, leading to potential security issues such as being unable to lock or unlock doors. Therefore, periodic replacement is advised. In sum, the efficient functioning of the Door Control Transmitter (#89742-02010) contributes significantly to the safety and security of the vehicle, enhancing the overall efficiency of the Lock Cylinder Set system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89742-02010

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