Transponder Key Master Transmitter

About this product

The Transponder Key Master Transmitter (#89785-28060), a vital component in Toyota's Lock Cylinder Set system, serves a critical role in vehicle security. This Body part communicates with the vehicle's on-board computer to unlock the car and start the engine, ensuring only the vehicle's owner can do so. As with any electronic device, over time, it may become less efficient or cease operating. An old or non-functional transmitter can cause inconvenience, and in worst cases, leave the driver stranded. Hence, periodic replacement is highly recommended. Opting for genuine Toyota parts is important for compatibility and longevity, and Toyota fully backs these parts with their genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, a well-functioning Transponder Key Master Transmitter (#89785-28060) helps maintain vehicle safety and security, contributing to overall peace of mind for the driver.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89785-28060

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