TRD Sway Bar

TRD Sway bars give your vehicle a flatter, more stable cornering stance: they are typically 25% to 100% stiffer ride than stock.  They are constructed of high-quality spring steel and powder coated to prevent corrosion and road damage.  TRD Sway Bars work with either a stock  suspension or a lowered vehicle.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01;PT901-48800-01 More
Part Number PTR02-06041-01
FINISH Powder Coated

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