About this product

The Tube (#90068-45007), an integral component of the Electrical Rear Washer system in a Toyota vehicle, functions as the conduit for dispensing the washer fluid onto the rear windshield. It's designed to transport fluid from the washer reservoir to the washer nozzles under pressurized operation, thereby enabling clean and clear visibility through the windshield. The Tube (#90068-45007) is a genuine Toyota part, offering optimal vehicle compatibility and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Owing to its critical role, it is essential to replace the Tube (#90068-45007) periodically. If left unchecked, an old or clogged Tube (#90068-45007) can disrupt the washer fluid flow, compromising rear visibility and thereby, safety. As part of the rear washer system, a functioning Tube (#90068-45007) significantly contributes to driving safety by ensuring a clear rear view, which is essential for safe navigation and reversing.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90068-45007

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