Ctr Control Absorber Tube Right Hand

About this product

The Ctr Control Absorber Tube Right Hand (#48555-35040), a pivotal Drive-Chassis part in the Rear Spring & Shock Absorber system, serves a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's stability and ride comfort. As it operates, this component dampens vibrations and sudden shocks caused by road imperfections, making the ride smoother. However, this part can deteriorate over time, and if it becomes old, clogged, or non-functional, the vehicular stability and ride comfort could be compromised. Choosing a genuine Toyota Ctr Control Absorber Tube Right Hand (#48555-35040) not only ensures compatibility with your vehicle, but it's also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular replacement is vital to avoid harsh ride quality and to prevent potential damage to other suspension components. Overall, this auto part plays a significant role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of your vehicle's suspension system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 48555-35040

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