Fuel Tank Tube

About this product

The Fuel Tank Tube (#77262-WB002), a crucial component in Toyota's Fuel Tank & Tube system, plays a pivotal role in facilitating fuel flow from the tank to the engine. As the auto part responsible for transporting fuel, it operates continually during vehicle use. Over time, however, this part can age, become clogged or break, compromising fuel flow. A malfunctioning fuel tank tube can lead to suboptimal fuel utilization and possible engine damage. Hence, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is highly recommended. These parts are specifically designed for compatibility with your Toyota vehicle and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, a well-functioning Fuel Tank Tube (#77262-WB002) is integral to the overall efficiency of the vehicle, ensuring optimal fuel usage and mitigating the risk of engine damage. It provides a seamless, safe driving experience by maintaining the effective operation of the Fuel Tank & Tube system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77262-WB002

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