Fuel & Evaporation Tube Sub-Assembly Front

About this product

The Fuel & Evaporation Tube Sub-Assembly Front (#77024-30040), a key component in the Fuel Tank & Tube system, plays a vital role in regulating the flow of fuel and reducing evaporative emissions. While the vehicle is operational, this part directs the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine, simultaneously managing vapors to minimize their release into the environment. Being a genuine Toyota auto part, it ensures optimal compatibility with your vehicle and is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, over time, this part may become clogged or worn, obstructing fuel flow and hindering emissions control. This not only affects the vehicle's performance but also increases pollution. Regular replacement of this part is therefore crucial. In conclusion, the Fuel & Evaporation Tube Sub-Assembly Front (#77024-30040) contributes significantly to the vehicle's fuel efficiency and environmental safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77024-30040

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