Tie Rod Adjusting Tube

About this product

The Tie Rod Adjusting Tube (#45465-35020), a key component in Toyota's Drive-Chassis part of the Front Steering Gear & Link system, plays a vital role in ensuring smooth steering. This tube allows for the precise adjustment of the tie rod length, thereby supporting accurate wheel alignment. Genuine Toyota parts promote compatibility with your vehicle and come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As time and mileage increase, wear and tear can lead to a worn out adjusting tube. This could result in misalignment, causing excessive tyre wear and unstable steering. Periodic replacement is highly recommended to maintain optimal performance. In conclusion, the Tie Rod Adjusting Tube (#45465-35020), though a small part, contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of your vehicle's steering system and, in turn, your safety on the road.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 45465-35020

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