Transmission Oil Filler Tube #1

About this product

The Toyota Transmission Oil Filler Tube #1 (#35125-73010), an essential part of the Drive-Chassis within the Transmission Case & Oil Pan (Atm) system, primarily functions to channel transmission fluid into the transmission. The fluid ensures smooth shifting of gears and minimizes wear and tear of internal components. However, over time, this genuine Toyota auto part, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, may become worn, clogged, or even damaged. Non-functional or damaged tubes can lead to incorrect fluid levels, causing transmission overheating and resulting in possible severe damage. Therefore, periodic replacement is crucial. By maintaining the integrity of the Transmission Oil Filler Tube #1 (#35125-73010), you are ensuring your vehicle operates efficiently and safely, contributing to the overall performance of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35125-73010

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