Generator Waterjacket Union

About this product

The Generator Waterjacket Union (#G2169-47010) is a key component in the Inverter Cooling system of Toyota's Electrical parts category. This crucial part helps maintain the optimal temperature of the generator by facilitating the flow of coolant around it. Over time, the waterjacket can become clogged, old, or even broken, which may disrupt the cooling process, leading to generator overheating and potential damage. Regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended for vehicle compatibility and to take advantage of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A newly replaced waterjacket union ensures a well-regulated cooling system, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle. Related parts to consider include the generator and coolant, which work in tandem with the Generator Waterjacket Union (#G2169-47010) for an optimally functioning Inverter Cooling system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G2169-47010

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