2-3 Shift Valve

About this product

The 2-3 Shift Valve (#35456-52020), a significant Drive-Chassis component in the Valve Body & Oil Strainer (Atm) system, plays a vital role in controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid to the desired clutch pack, enabling the gear shift from second to third. It operates in sync with the transmission control module, ensuring smooth transition and enhanced vehicle performance. As a genuine Toyota part, the 2-3 Shift Valve (#35456-52020) is not only compatible with your vehicle but also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, like any other part, it necessitates periodic replacement. An old, clogged, or non-functional valve can disrupt the fluid flow, causing erratic shifts, possible transmission damage, or even a safety hazard. In conclusion, maintaining a functional 2-3 Shift Valve (#35456-52020) significantly contributes to the vehicle's efficient operation and safety. It ensures the smooth, timely shift from second to third gear, thereby enhancing driving comfort and extending transmission longevity.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35456-52020

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