Air Control Valve Assembly

About this product

The Air Control Valve Assembly (#17630-74010), a crucial component within the Vacuum Piping system and part of the Engine-Fuel category, is fundamental to your Toyota's performance. It monitors and controls the amount of air that enters the engine during idle. It works in concert with the throttle body, maintaining the correct engine idle speed and preventing stalling. Genuine Toyota parts like these ensure excellent compatibility with your vehicle. If the Air Control Valve Assembly (#17630-74010) becomes clogged or broken, it may cause the engine to idle at a high RPM or stall at low RPM, leading to overall inefficiency and potential safety issues. Remember, genuine Toyota parts come backed by Toyota's parts warranty. Overall, this part contributes vastly to your engine's efficiency and reliability, making it a critical element in the overall vehicle's performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17630-74010

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