FC Cooling Water Temperature Cont Valve

About this product

The FC Cooling Water Temperature Cont Valve (#16A31-77040), a critical electrical component in the Fcv Cooling system, is responsible for regulating coolant temperature within the engine of your Toyota vehicle. This valve helps to maintain an optimal engine operating temperature by controlling the flow of coolant based on its temperature. As such, it plays a crucial role in preventing engine overheating and potential damage. Like most parts, this valve may deteriorate or become clogged over time, impairing its functionality and potentially leading to engine overheating. Therefore, periodic replacement is recommended to maintain optimal engine performance. Opting for a genuine Toyota part not only ensures compatibility with your vehicle but is also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This valve's efficient operation directly contributes to overall vehicle safety and performance. Regular maintenance and replacement of this valve can help to maximize the lifespan and reliability of your vehicle's engine.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16A31-77040

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