Cowl Side Ventilator Sub-Assembly Left Hand

About this product

The Cowl Side Ventilator Sub-Assembly Left Hand (#55084-52010), an essential component within the Cowl Panel & Windshield Glass system of a Toyota vehicle, plays a critical role in ventilation and moisture management. Its primary function is to enable airflow while driving, which prevents fogging on the windshield. However, like any other auto part, it demands periodic replacement. Old or clogged ventilator assemblies could compromise visibility, risking safety on the road. Genuine Toyota parts, such as our Cowl Side Ventilator Sub-Assembly Left Hand (#55084-52010), assure vehicle compatibility and offer a reliable performance. Moreover, these parts come with the peace of mind afforded by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining optimal windshield visibility, this part contributes significantly to the overall safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 55084-52010

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