Right Hand Visor Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Right Hand Visor Sub-Assembly (#74303-35020-B0) is an essential component in the Armrest & Visor system of a Toyota vehicle. As a body part, its primary role is to shield the driver from excessive sunlight or other bright lights, aiding in maintaining clear vision and enhancing safety during operation. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Right Hand Visor Sub-Assembly (#74303-35020-B0), are ideal for vehicle compatibility and are protected by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, the Right Hand Visor Sub-Assembly (#74303-35020-B0) may become worn or damaged, compromising its performance. If not replaced, the driver's visibility may be impaired, possibly leading to unsafe driving conditions. Thus, routine replacement is advised. The efficient operation of the Right Hand Visor Sub-Assembly (#74303-35020-B0) contributes significantly to the overall safety and convenience of the vehicle's operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74303-35020-B0
Color_Name LT.GRAY

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