Differential Pinion Thrust Washer

About this product

The Differential Pinion Thrust Washer (#41351-20010), a critical component in Toyota's Drive-Chassis Front Axle Housing & Differential, Rear Axle Housing & Differential, and Transfer Gear systems, plays a vital role in maintaining the alignment and smooth operation of the gears. During operation, this washer prevents metal-on-metal contact between the gears, minimizing wear and potential damage. Over time, this part can wear out or get damaged and needs replacement to prevent gear misalignment or failure. If not replaced, it could lead to major mechanical issues. Genuine Toyota parts offer the best compatibility with your vehicle and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Differential Pinion Thrust Washer (#41351-20010) contributes to the overall efficiency of the vehicle by ensuring smooth and reliable gear operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 41351-20010

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