Planetary Carrier Thrust Washer #4

About this product

The Planetary Carrier Thrust Washer #4 (#35729-30010), a critical Drive-Chassis part in the Center Support & Planetary Sun Gear system of an Automatic Transmission, primarily assists in maintaining the correct spacing between moving parts while reducing friction. As the system operates, the Planetary Carrier Thrust Washer #4 (#35729-30010) rotates with the planetary carrier, ensuring the inserted gears smoothly perform their function. Like any other auto part, it requires periodic replacement as an old or broken washer can lead to increased friction, causing damage to other parts within the system. Genuine Toyota Autoparts, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, provide the best compatibility with your vehicle. The role of the Planetary Carrier Thrust Washer #4 (#35729-30010) is noteworthy in contributing to the overall efficiency of the transmission system, making gear shifting smooth, thus enhancing the vehicle's performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35729-30010

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