Plate Washer

About this product

The Plate Washer (#90201-10098), an essential part of the Camshaft & Valve system in the engine-fuel category, is pivotal in maintaining the optimal functioning of your Toyota vehicle. It serves as a spacer, distributing the load of the threaded fastener and reducing friction, thus preventing damage and wear over time. A worn-out or dysfunctional Plate Washer (#90201-10098) can lead to mechanical failures, disruption of the camshaft's operation, and overall engine inefficiency. Therefore, replacing this part periodically with genuine Toyota parts is crucial for vehicle compatibility. Genuine parts are supported by Toyota's authentic parts warranty, assuring customers of quality and reliability. In the larger context, the Plate Washer (#90201-10098) contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the car by ensuring the smooth operation of the Camshaft & Valve system. It ultimately aids in providing a safe and seamless driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90201-10098

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