Plate Washer

About this product

The Plate Washer (#90201-35006), a key component in Toyota's Drive-Chassis Rear Axle Housing & Differential and Transfer Gear systems, performs a crucial role in maintaining steady and secure connections within these systems. This auto part, like all genuine parts, is designed with Toyota's exact vehicle specifications in mind, enhancing vehicle compatibility. When functioning, the Plate Washer (#90201-35006) helps distribute the load of the nut or bolt it is paired with, preventing wear and tear on the system components. However, over time, the Washer may become worn out or damaged, impacting system performance and safety. Regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts, which are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is recommended to avoid such problems. In addition to preventing part failure, a fresh Plate Washer (#90201-35006) contributes to the overall efficiency of the system, ensuring a smoother and safer drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90201-35006

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