Plate Washer

About this product

The Plate Washer (#90201-70084), a Drive-Chassis part in the Rear Axle Housing & Differential system, plays a crucial role in evenly distributing load and preventing damage to the surfaces of the axle assembly. It works in conjunction with other components in the system, such as bolts and nuts, to maintain the system’s stability and integrity during vehicular movement. With time and use, the Plate Washer (#90201-70084) may wear down, become damaged or break, which can cause uneven load distribution and potential damage to the rear axle. Periodic replacement of this part with a genuine Toyota Plate Washer (#90201-70084) can help maintain vehicle compatibility, while also being supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, the Plate Washer (#90201-70084) contributes significantly to the overall safety and efficiency of the rear axle system, ensuring a smoother and safer ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90201-70084

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