Transfer Ring Gear Mt Case Washer #2

About this product

The Transfer Ring Gear Mt Case Washer #2 (#36266-52060), a significant Drive-Chassis part in the Transfer Gear system, primarily operates by supporting the transfer ring gear in your vehicle. This genuine Toyota Autoparts component ensures compatibility with your Toyota vehicle and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In operation, this washer helps the ring gear maintain alignment, preventing aberrational movements which may lead to significant damage over time. Like all mechanical parts, wear and tear is inevitable. An old or broken washer can cause misalignment, leading to inefficient gear transfer and potential damage to the gear system. Regularly replacing this part is fundamental for maintaining the Transfer Gear system's efficiency and safety. By ensuring the proper alignment and function of the ring gear, the Transfer Ring Gear Mt Case Washer #2 (#36266-52060) helps in achieving optimal vehicle performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 36266-52060

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