3 Way

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The 3 Way (#90413-10286), a key Drive-Chassis component in the Brake Tube & Clamp system, plays a crucial role in maintaining an efficient and safe braking system in your Toyota vehicle. This part works by facilitating the distribution of brake fluid to the necessary brake lines, ensuring a smooth and timely response when brakes are applied. However, the 3 Way (#90413-10286), like any auto part, is subject to wear over time. An old or clogged 3 Way (#90413-10286) can disrupt the flow of brake fluid, reducing braking effectiveness and increasing the risk of accidents. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is vital. By using genuine Toyota parts, vehicle compatibility is enhanced, and you also benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the 3 Way (#90413-10286) is a crucial component that not only contributes to the overall efficiency of your vehicle but also to your safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90413-10286

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