Ctr Pillar Upper End Weatherstrip Left Hand

About this product

The Ctr Pillar Upper End Weatherstrip Left Hand (#67866-0C050), a crucial body part in the Side Member system, plays a primary role in maintaining the interior integrity of a Toyota vehicle. It functions by sealing the edges of the vehicle's doors and windows, preventing rain, dust, and other elements from entering the vehicle. This genuine Toyota auto part is a perfect fit for your vehicle, enhancing compatibility and performance, and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, over time, the Weatherstrip may wear out or break, compromising its sealing ability. A non-functional Weatherstrip could lead to exposure of the vehicle's interior to elements, causing potential damage to the upholstery and electronic systems. Hence, periodic replacement is necessary to keep the vehicle in top shape. In conclusion, a well-maintained Ctr Pillar Upper End Weatherstrip Left Hand (#67866-0C050) contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle by protecting the interior from external elements.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67866-0C050

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