Front Door Opening Trim Weatherstrip Right Hand

About this product

A critical component in the Front Door Panel & Glass system of your vehicle, the Front Door Opening Trim Weatherstrip Right Hand (#62311-35020-B0) is a Body part specifically made for Toyota vehicles. This genuine auto part serves as a protective seal between your vehicle's door and its frame. Its main function is to prevent water, dust, debris, and other external elements from entering the vehicle, maintaining the interior's cleanliness and integrity. Over time, this weatherstrip may deteriorate, crack or lose its elasticity, consequently losing its sealing capacity. If not replaced, this can lead to water leakage during rain or car washes, potential damage to the vehicle’s interior, and an increase in wind noise while driving. By using Toyota Genuine Parts like the Front Door Opening Trim Weatherstrip Right Hand (#62311-35020-B0), you benefit from parts designed specifically for your vehicle and Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty. This part plays a significant role in preserving the comfort, cleanliness, and overall driving experience of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62311-35020-B0
Color_Name STONE

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