Lift Gate Weatherstrip

About this product

The Lift Gate Weatherstrip (#68281-60010) is a crucial Body part in the Back Door Panel & Glass system of Toyota vehicles. Its primary function is to seal the rear door, preventing unwanted air, water, or other elements from entering the vehicle's cabin or trunk area. By doing this, it protects both the car's interior and its passengers from adverse weather conditions. However, like all parts, the Weatherstrip can wear down over time, losing its ability to effectively seal the door. This could lead to water leakage, air noise, or even damage to the vehicle's interior. Hence, it is essential to periodically check and replace this part as necessary. Always opt for genuine Toyota parts to ensure compatibility with your vehicle. These are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A well-functioning Lift Gate Weatherstrip (#68281-60010) is key to maintaining the safety and comfort of your vehicle's interior environment.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 68281-60010

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