U-Hook425.0mm Wiperblade

About this product

The U-Hook425.0Mm Wiperblade (#85212-YZZ09-TM), a critical Electrical part of the Rear Wiper system, plays a central role in maintaining visibility through the rear windshield. Its primary function is to sweep away rain, snow, and other debris from the windshield surface, ensuring clear sight for the driver. The wiper blade operates via a motor that moves the blade back and forth. Being a part vulnerable to wear and tear, the U-Hook425.0Mm Wiperblade (#85212-YZZ09-TM) requires regular replacements. An old or broken wiper blade can cause streaks or misses spots on the windshield, impairing visibility and compromising safety. By choosing genuine Toyota Autoparts, like U-Hook425.0Mm Wiperblade (#85212-YZZ09-TM), you benefit from seamless vehicle compatibility and the backing of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This wiper blade contributes significantly to the overall safety of the vehicle by providing clear rear visibility, especially in adverse weather conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 85212-10120;85212-YZZ09;85220-12660;85220-12661;85220-12670;85220-12671
Part Number 85212-YZZ09-TM

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