Battery Pack Wire

About this product

The Toyota Battery Pack Wire (#82165-33020), an essential component within the Battery & Battery Cable system, plays a critical role in transmitting electrical energy from the battery pack to the vehicle's electrical components. As the power flows, this wire ensures the reliable operation of your car's electrical systems. Genuine Toyota parts not only promote compatibility with your vehicle but also carry Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The periodic replacement of the Battery Pack Wire (#82165-33020) is a necessity. Over time, the wire can age, become clogged, break, or cease to function. This could lead to inefficiencies in power transmission, causing the vehicle's electrical systems to fail, or worse, overheating and potential fire hazard. By maintaining the operability of the Battery Pack Wire (#82165-33020), one enhances the efficiency and safety of their vehicle's electrical system, contributing to an optimal driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 82165-33020

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