Combination Meter Mirror Wire #1

About this product

The Combination Meter Mirror Wire #1 (#83142-47070), an essential electrical component in Toyota's Meter system, plays a pivotal role in relaying information to the vehicle's meter. This part transmits data from the vehicle's system to the combination meter, enabling drivers to monitor critical vehicle information such as speed, fuel levels, and engine temperature. Over time, this wire can degrade or break, leading to inaccurate or missing information on the meter, potentially putting the driver at risk. It is crucial to replace this part periodically to maintain accuracy and safety. Genuine Toyota auto parts are recommended for the most compatible fit and performance, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By relaying critical data accurately, the Combination Meter Mirror Wire #1 (#83142-47070) contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle, allowing drivers to make informed decisions based on real-time vehicle data.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 83142-47070

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