HV Socket Inverter Wire

About this product

The HV Socket Inverter Wire (#821H4-62050), a crucial component in the Battery & Battery Cable system of Toyota vehicles, plays a vital role in conducting electrical current from the high voltage (HV) socket to the inverter. As electricity flows, the wire ensures optimal performance of the inverter, critical in converting DC power to AC for the vehicle's electric motor. Just like other parts, the HV Socket Inverter Wire (#821H4-62050) is prone to wear and tear over time. Aged or damaged wires could lead to inefficient power transmission, resulting in decreased vehicle performance or potential electrical hazards. Thus, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is vital for vehicle compatibility and safety. Ultimately, the HV Socket Inverter Wire (#821H4-62050) is an unsung hero in maintaining the overall efficiency of Toyota vehicles.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 821H4-62050

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